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Frequently Asks Questions

  1. We provide IT Infra Solutions to meet end customers requirements.
  2. We do work on Cloud & OnPrem services for our customers.
  3. We also provide service with our expertise team for Research Lab Setup in IITs and NITs
  4. We do provide Corporate Training on customised Human Resource skill development programs of our customers.
  1. Ans. System Integrator must find a balance and ensure that the integration solution is not just about meeting the functional requirements of today, but also potential future and non-functional requirements such as performance, scalability, re-usability, and maintenance.
  1. Integrating your business systems enables a holistic view of your customers, your data, and your organizational health.
  2. It creates a better customer experience and improves your internal workflow.
  3. When done – and done right – you’ll be more efficient, productive, and profitability.

Ans. Reduced adaptability and flexibility. Point to point integrations create significant dependencies between systems and the systems data formats and lead to tightly coupled system. P2P integrations create a “Spaghetti” Architecture” that makes adaptations or changes to the application landscape painful and costly.

  1. Ans. Yes, we provide network integration service including network management, network design, network planning, network optimization, network troubleshooting.
  1. Yes, we have implemented one of the largest Microsoft cloud infrastructures in Easter India..
  2. We also provide AWS services. We are first ‘Amazone Web Services’ partner from Eastern India to provide SAP HANA infrastructure.
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